The Menu Bar provides access to the basic commands needed to share, save and print your documents.

The File Menu lets you Open, Save, Save As, Rename, Import, Export your diagram in SVG, Gliffy, JPG, or PNG format, view Revision History, setup Document Properties, Page Setup and Print.

The Edit Menu contains standard copy and paste commands, all of which have keyboard shortcuts. Copy and paste are also accessible using the context menu by right-clicking or control+click. You should also take note of the Group and UnGroup commands found here. These commands allow you to combine text boxes, shapes and lines into clusters that can be manipulated as a single object.

The Share Menu allows you to Collaborate your diagram, or to change the Publish settings on it.

The Help Menu gives you access to various help features for Gliffy, including the User Manual, Tips, Signup for Newsletter, About the Gliffy Team, Shape/Document Shortcuts, and our EULA.

The My Documents button takes you to your Document Manager.

The Profile/silhouette figure tells you information about your account. If you click on this from the main Drawing Editor, it will indicate the Account Name and Username/Email you are logged in under. This is also how you Logout.

If you click on the Profile/silhouette figure from within your Document Manager, this will allow you to access your Account Settings, Switch Accounts (if you have multiple accounts), and Logout