Clicking on More Shapes will open up the More Shapes dialog which will allow you to customize your shape library.

Clicking on the individual shape library names expands that chosen section to allow browsing the shapes it contains. You can click and select or de-select libraries you want to add or remove.

You can also add your own shape libraries by clicking on the +Add Custom Library button at the top of the More Shapes area.

Once the Custom Library dialog appears you can add your own JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG files to it. Please keep in mind there is currently a limit of 30 images per library and a limit of 1MB per image.

You’ll also need to name your custom library before you click Save Library.

You can also choose to make your custom library available to edit by everyone in your account or you can set it to only allow you to edit it.

To manage your custom shape library, click on the title of it in the sidebar then click on the gear wheel to show the Custom Library Options. Here you can:

  1. Edit this Library
  2. Remove from Favorites
  3. Remove from Sidebar
  4. Delete Permanently