When you select a shape, you can edit its properties using the Properties Panel as shown here: . At the top of the shape properties section, you will see several icons that control the shape’s appearance:

The Shape Color icon lets you choose what color fill you want the selected shape to have.

The Border Color icon controls the color of the shape’s border.

The Border Thickness icon determines how thick the shape’s border is, or whether it has a border at all.

The Line Pattern icon determines what type of pattern the border of the shape will have.

The Gradient icon allows you to turn the gradient on or off and the fill color will transition from lighter to darker from top to bottom.

The Drop Shadow icon allows you to add shadows to your shapes that suggest depth.

The Shape Opacity icon allows you to add opacity to Basic and Flowchart shapes

If you find your mouse isn’t giving you the level of control you want, you can also use the Size, Position and Rotation properties to specify the exact dimensions, location and angle of rotation of the selected shape. The position coordinates correspond to the position of the upper left corner of the shape’s boundary box.

On the right side of the Properties Panel, you’ll also see check boxes for “Aspect Ratio” and ”Lock Shape”. Marking the “Aspect Ratio” box forces the selected shape to retain its current shape, but not its size. You can still make an ellipse or rectangle larger or smaller, but it will hold its aspect ratio. “Lock Shape” not only secures the aspect ratio, but also secures the size, color and other properties of the selected shape.