Once a diagram has been created, it will appear in the Document Manager. You can access your Document Manager by clicking on “My Documents” in the upper right of the Toolbar.

If you want to access your Gliffy Online diagrams, click on Gliffy.

If you want to access diagrams in your Google Drive folder, click on Google Drive. If you have not already linked your Google account, you will be prompted to do so along with instructions on how to properly set Drive up with your account.

A new tab will open in your browser which will contain your diagrams. Double-click to open a diagram.

An alternative method of opening a diagram is to go to File->Open to access your diagram listings. Select a diagram and click Open or just double-click.

If you are integrated with Google Drive, you can also choose the location you want to open a diagram from under File->Open From.

If you want to open a diagram from your Gliffy Online folders, select File->Open From->Gliffy.

If you want to open a diagram from your Google Drive folders, select File->Open From Google Drive.