Clicking on Create New Share Link creates a unique, private, and anonymized url you can share with anyone. This also activates the drop-down menu where you can specify the level of access the recipient has.

Allow Commenting is the default. This allows the recipient of the link to view and comment on the diagram.

Allow Editing allows the recipient of the link to view, comment and edit the diagram. This is similar to our previous Collaboration feature. You can click on Manage Collaborators which acts as a management tool for your diagram.

Here you can add multiple collaborators at once by entering their email and click Send.

This will send them an email from Gliffy inviting them to collaborate on your diagram. By default, this will create a 14 day trial for them if they do not already have an account (a user must have a Gliffy account to edit a Gliffy diagram).

If the user already has an account with Gliffy, they will be prompted to login with their existing email and password. A Gliffy account is only required for this specific level of sharing. The recipient can continue to collaborate with you after their trial has ended.

Once logged in, they will be able to see your diagram in the Gliffy viewer. If you have given them editing privileges they can click the Edit Diagram icon to edit the diagram in the Gliffy Editor.

Allow Viewing allows anyone with the link to view your diagram with no editing or commenting abilities.

Public on the Web is a read-only public document that anyone on the Internet can find and access (similar to our previous Publish feature).

By default the Diagram can be duplicated option will also be selected. If you do not want the recipient to be able to duplicate or use your diagram as a template, disable this option.

Click on the Copy button to copy the link. You can then use this link to send to anyone you wish.

You can remove access at any time by clicking on Deactivate Link. Click Deactivate Link again to confirm (you must deactivate each link individually currently). You can always regenerate a new code.