If you are an Admin on your account, you have the ability to change the associated plan and/or user level of your account.

From the Account Settings screen, click Upgrade.

Choose either a single-user or multi-user plan by clicking “Buy now” under the corresponding plan you want.

Once you click “Buy now” you will be taken to the payment screen. From here you can select the plan you want, number of users (if you’ve selected a Team account), and if you want monthly or annual billing.

Once you complete your billing information, confirm your details and what you are purchasing is correct. Clicking “Complete Purchase” will finalize your plan change.

If your last account change was prior to October 6th, 2016, you will be refunded a pro-rated amount based on the remainder of your plan.

If your account was created, or your billing or plan information changed after this date, the following will happen –

Account Upgrade:

  • Your account will immediately change to your newly selected plan/user count. You will not be billed immediately
  • Your next billing date will include your due payment, plus the previous payment adjustment

e.g. If you upgrade from an Individual plan to a Team plan, your account will immediately become a Team plan. On your next billing date, you will be charged the difference due from the previous billing cycle, as well as the next payment due for your next billing cycle.

Account Downgrade:

  • Your account will immediately change to your newly selected plan/user count
  • The remainder of your previous plan will be applied to your account as a credit. On your next billing date, that credit will be applied to the payment for your next billing cycle