You’ll notice that when you go to My Documents in the upper right portion of your screen you’ll have two options, one for Gliffy and one for Google Drive. You’ll be able to create your diagrams as usual, but now you’ll have the option to save them in either Gliffy or Google Drive. Once you set up Google Drive it will become your default save location. You’ll be able to change this by going to your Account Settings.

If you click on Google Drive and you are not already on a Business multi-user account, it will prompt you to upgrade. Once upgraded you can continue with the integration.

If you are already logged into a Gmail account, it will ask you to allow Google and Gliffy Diagrams to access your information. Click on “Allow”.

(Note: If you are logged into more than one Gmail account, it will ask you to choose which one you want to link it to)

Once you click “Allow” Google Drive will become your default save location all new diagrams. You can switch the default location for new files back to Gliffy in Account Settings.

You can also link up Drive to your Gliffy Online account under Account Settings->Google Drive.

If you are having trouble with your Drive integration, we would recommend coming here to verify you are linked up. You can also unlink then relink to reset the integration.