In Gliffy for JIRA v4.2 and up, you can add tables to your diagram by going into More Shapes->Website and UI->Tables. This will open the tables section in your shape library.

Once you have pulled a table on to the diagram, you can click on a cell to select it. Shift + Click to select multiple cells. A cell is highlighted orange if currently selected.

Selected cell:

Multiple Selected cells:

If you want to Add/Remove columns or rows, click into the edit custom properties widget

If you have the entire table selected, you will see these options:

  • Add Column
  • Remove Column
  • Add Row
  • Delete Row

This will insert or delete the column or row at the end.

If you have an individual cell selected, you will see these options:

  • Add Column
  • Remove Column
  • Add Row
  • Delete Row
  • Insert Column
  • Remove Selected Column
  • Insert Row
  • Remove Selected Row

This will add/remove/insert/remove columns or rows from the cell selected.

Max rows and columns are currently 13.

If you have a single cell or multiple cells selected, you can change the properties of these by clicking into the blue properties bar.

If you have the entire table selected and click into the shape properties, you can select the border color and thickness of your lines.

Border Color:

Border Thickness:

If you click into the shape properties area, you can adjust the color of your selected cells.

You can adjust the width and height of individual colums or rows by scrolling your mouse on the border lines between them. The cursor will change and you can then move the colums or rows to make them smaller or larger.

Using these features you should be able to create extensive, colorful tables in your diagrams.