In the Gliffy for JIRA plugin v4.3 and higher, you can hyperlink entire shapes instead of just text.

To link a shape, click once on it so it is highlighted, then click the “Create Link” button in the Toolbar.

After clicking the “Create Link” button, a modal will open to allow you to enter a link to another diagram or a URL. This works the same as the Hyperlink Navigator.

After entering the link to the diagram or URL you want, click “Insert” to add it.

After inserting the link, your shape will show an icon in the lower right corner. This indicates that the shape is linked.

If you want to remove the shape link icon, check the “Hide Link Icon” box when setting up your link.

Clicking on the shape will show the URL it is linked to. You can Go to the link, Edit the link, or Unlink from this menu.