To create a new Gliffy diagram:

1. Create an issue or Open an existing issue in JIRA (please see Atlassian guide on how to start an issue)

2. Go into JIRA issue and click More

3. Click Add Gliffy Diagram

4. You will be launched into the Gliffy Start Screen. Here you can choose what type of diagram you want to start, or choose from our vast template library.

5. You can also Import a diagram if it is in .gxml, .gon, .gliffy, or .vdx (Visio)* formats.

6. Once your diagram has been created/imported, go to File->Save to name your diagram

7. Name the diagram and click Save

8. Once the diagram is saved and named, click Exit in the upper right corner to be taken back to JIRA

9. Your Gliffy Diagram will now be attached to your JIRA issue

If you have an existing diagram already attached to an issue in JIRA, that will activate an Add Diagram button in the Gliffy Diagram area of your issue. You can click on the Add Diagram button to add additional diagrams to it.