You can pin previous versions of your Gliffy Diagrams to show on your Confluence page instead of just the current one.

To change the version you want to display on the Confluence page, you must first edit the page in Confluence. Version pinning can only be done after the Confluence page has been edited.

Once edited, click once on the diagram and the properties panel will appear below it. Click on Version.

Once you click on Version, the Version modal will appear.

Here you can drop-down the version menu to select what version you want to show.

As you select the versions, it will show you a thumbnail preview of the diagram you are choosing to display.

Once you have decided what version you want to show, click Update.

After clicking Update, the version you chose will show on the diagram page with the version number showing in the Gliffy Macro pane.

Click Save on the Confluence page to save your changes. Your new version will now show on the Confluence page.