The Pop-Up Note command button can be found in the Toolbar. The pop-up note can only be selected if an applicable shape is selected/clicked first (Please note this feature is currently limited to Basic and Flowchart shapes only. More shapes will be added in the future). The pop-up button will show as inactive if you do not have a shape selected first.

Once you have selected the shape you want to add a note to and click on the pop-up button, the Add Note prompt will appear.

You can type your note/comment in and when finished, click Done to add your note. Click Cancel to back out and cancel the note (there is a 250 character limit).

Once you have clicked Done, you will see a note icon in the corner of the shape. If you hover over the shape in edit mode, the note will pop-up.

If you publish your diagram as a public diagram, your notes will also show on the public view of it. Clicking on the shape will reveal the note if you have the “Show All Pop-up Notes” button selected. You can hide the notes by clicking it again. The notes will still be viewable if you click on the shape with the pop-up note icon.

To Delete a note, click on the shape with the pop-up note, click the pop-up note icon in the Toolbar, then delete the text and click “Done”.