You can start and create a Mindmap template by doing one of the following:

1. From the Gliffy Start Screen, select “Create From a Template” and then click the Mind Map folder. Click once on the Mind Map template and click “Open” or double-click to load the template and start working.

2. From any other page, go to File -> New and then click the Mind Maps folder and template.

This will open up a Mindmaps template with a main topic and tips for creating your mindmap.

The Main Topic shape is the template anchor, so any nodes most come off of this. If this shape is removed or deleted, the Mind Map functionality and commands will not work. Mind Map commands only work on shapes in the Mind Map template.

To add a subtopic – Click an arrow or enter the CMD/CTRL + Arrow keys

To add a topic at the same level as the current topic – enter the TAB + Arrow keys

To navigate around your mindmap, use the arrow keys on your keyboard