Gliffy for Confluence version 8.0.0 has introduced the ability to pin a specific version of each diagram to a specific version of each Confluence space. What this means is that as you update your space, you can also assign a specific version of your Gliffy diagram to each version of that space.

Edit an existing diagram on a Confluence page (Gliffy for Confluence v8.0.0+):

1. Open the Confluence page in editing mode by clicking “Edit” in the top right of the page, or the pencil in the diagram toolbar

2. Click on the diagram to expose the Gliffy Toolbar, and then click “Edit”, which will open the diagram for editing

3. When you have finished your edits, please be sure to save both the diagram AND the space, as this is what will ensure all data is saved appropriately. For version pinning information, please refer to the “Using Version Pinning” article found HERE.