The Gliffy Start Screen dialog lets you add diagrams to your pages. There are three ways to access the Gliffy Start Screen:

1. From an edited Wiki page, go to Insert -> Gliffy Diagram.
2. If you are editing a page and prefer keyboard shortcuts, type the macro: “{gliffy”.

3. You can use the Blueprint feature to start a new blank page with a Gliffy diagram. To access this click the Create button at the top of any Confluence page. A window will open and you can select “Add a blank page with a Gliffy Diagram”.

You can also use the Blueprint feature to add or customise templates for a selected space.

Clicking on that link will bring you out to the Space Templates in Confluence. Click on “Add New Space Template” and this will start a new page for you.

You can name your Space Template, then select Insert->Gliffy Diagram. Here you can only search for an existing diagram, or use a Gliffy template in your Space Template. Gliffy diagrams cannot be created or edited in templates. If you need to edit a diagram in a template, please edit the diagram from the page where it is attached and changes will be reflected here.

To remove a Space Template, click the “Remove” button.