The Properties Panel for Gliffy gives you the power to change properties on a shape, line or group, quickly and with little hassle. No more hunting around the application interface to change a simple property, now it’s right there with one easy click. When you add or select and object or group of objects on the stage, a small blue button will appear nearby. Click the Properties button on a shape to display different property options for that object or group.

From here you can change the color of your shape, border color, border thickness, gradient, drop shadow, change the X,Y coordinates of your shape, change the width/height, rotate the shape a certain degree, Lock Aspect Ratio, and Lock Shape.

*You can easily hit the TAB or ENTER key to quickly commit the values of X, Y, Width, Height or Rotation. *

If you click on a line or connector, your Properties Panel will look like this: .

You can do the following quick manipulations within the Properties Panel:

  • Change the arrows at the beginning and the end of the line independently
  • if you have a selection that contains line, shapes and text, you can change properties of each object type independently via the Properties Panel, without having to select each object type separately.