Whether elements on the Drawing Stage come from the Shape Library or whether they’re drawn using the Toolbar, you can move and manipulate them the same way. If you click on an element, you can drag and drop it where you choose on the Drawing Stage. Each shape (like the ‘start’ and the ‘rectangle’ in this example) will display its boundary box when selected. You can use the connection points (little squares in the boundary box’s corners and midpoints) to extend the dimensions of the shape. Just click and drag them. To rotate a shape, click and drag over the curled arrow that you’ll see above the shape.

Lines and connectors are slightly different. Instead of boundary boxes, lines and connectors have small circles defining each endpoint and, in the case of connectors with more than two segments, one to control each middle segment. If you click on the line or connector anywhere but on these circles, you’ll move the entire line without changing its shape. Clicking and dragging the circles will move only that portion of the line or connector.