To begin, click the “Flow Chart” tab in the Library and click a “start/end” shape and drag it onto the Drawing Stage, now drop the shape on the drawing stage (Note how if you let your mouse hover over a Library shape you’ll see the shape’s title appear).

While that shape is still selected, type “Start”—the text should appear directly inside the shape. Now, click the Square Tool icon in the Toolbar. Use your mouse to draw a rectangle directly onto the drawing stage: click, drag and release. While the rectangle is still selected, type “End”. Finally, click the Connector Tool icon in the Toolbar. To draw a connector between your “Start” and your “End”, click on the start shape and drag the end of the line to the end shape.

While we’re having fun, go ahead and click on the Zoom In icon then click on your new flowchart to zoom in. You can zoom back out using the Zoom Out icon or by choosing your magnification level from the drop-down menu in the Toolbar. You can also right click on the drawing stage and select one of the zoom settings from the context menu.